Scott McHugh, President of Precision Materials

Our Philosophy

Message from the Founder

In February of 2009, I was caught completely off guard when a personal real estate investment turned into a start-up company. When a tenant went out of business, I was faced with empty buildings and idle equipment at the peak of an economic downturn. However, in lieu of liquidating assets, I chose to take the risk of forming a new company. Little did I know I would quickly become captivated by the endless opportunities to grow the business, and by the enormous challenge of making it happen.

Personally driven by a desire to create a work environment which fosters an authentic partnership between employee and employer, the DNA of Precision Materials was set in motion. Would employees who were valued, respected, and fairly compensated demonstrate a consistent and strong work ethic? Would they be willing to embrace change and take personal responsibility for the quality of their work? Today, ten years into the adventure I am equally humbled and amazed by what our employees have accomplished. We have expanded our operations by purchasing CEF-Custom Educational Furnishings, opened an additional facility in Alabama, and also acquired Mid-Atlantic Wood Products. More importantly, I am excited in knowing that we are in the top half of the first inning as we contemplate our future. Because we are committed to change, innovation, and creativity, there is a high ceiling on what is possible.

In that spirit, I invite you to - Just ask. I bet we can.